Empire House located opposite the famous coal exchange in the heart of Mount Stuart Square was once central to Cardiff Docks industrial coal business with many of the former Reardon Smith Ships trading recorded in the building.

Standing tall in the Bay skyline the traditional double glazed sash windows against the bond red brick makes this building appealing to all.

The link with The Reardon Smith Shipping line is central to the development which sees the 11 types of apartments named after the vessels that docked in the Bay.

Following the demise of the industrial revolution the building has had numerous commercial uses, mostly being used as office spaces.

Having been empty for numerous years, Cardiff Bay Investments Ltd have invested in this striking building to promote development and provide a superb environment in which people want to work, live and play.

The Lion's Head Emblem

The iconic lion’s head is prominently placed on the original lift shaft of Empire House. Wanting to maintain a link to the history and traditional features that made Empire House such a crucial part of Cardiff’s industry the developers have incorporated this as an integral symbol for the development.